What Motivates YOU?

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As a child I was motivated to get good grades to make my parent’s happy.  As a teenager, I was motivated to practice sports so I would increase my talents and get more playing time.  As an adult, I’m motivated to go to bed early so I can function the next day!

I’ve seen amazing people accomplish even more amazing things and I often wonder, HOW did they DO that?  Were they scared, were they unsure of themselves? It all comes to one word really……..WHY- What was their motive?

In my life, I’ve let fear motivate me to do all sorts of things.  Fear is not necessarily a bad motivator, even though it can be a negative word.  A few days ago, my 9-year old and I went on a hike.  The destination has a history of lightning and thunderstorms and many people have died over the last 50 years.  Just over a mile from the destination, black clouds rolled in over the mountainside and I had a bad feeling.  My son knew the story of a group of young women and adults who had gone hiking in the 1950’s and several had been killed by lightning. We both decided to turn back.   After about a 1/4 mile I told him it was important to keep a level head and then proceeded to pray for help getting off the mountain. My son was scared out of his mind.  He turned and started running down the trail-RUNNING. He’s a quick little guy.  We had hiked continuously for just over an hour to get to where we were (I had my stop watch with me) and it took us 23 minutes to get to the trail head.  Staying Alive was my son’s motivator.

There comes a point in our life when we have to decide what it is we want and how are we going to go about doing it.  First, identify your motive.  My motive for staying fit is because I come from a family where auto-immune diseases are rampant. I was told once by a family member that I would one day “be fat and happy, like the rest of us”  Thanks to that comment, I fight like a dog to be healthy.

What is holding you back from your goals?  Don’t be afraid of failure!  Failing is a normal process of life-if you have failed before it’s because you’ve tried.  I see others; friends, family members and clients who use fear inappropriately.  They let fear of failure trump the possibility of success.  Are you afraid of contracting diabetes?  Let fear motivate you to eat right and exercise! Are you afraid of losing weight and gaining it back? Find the right reason for wanting to lose weight-is it to fit in socially or is because you want to live a healthy life and enjoy your kids and grand kids?

I encourage you to write down your goals.  Then ask yourself, WHY do I want this?  Come up with a game plan as to HOW you are going to go about it.  Then, talk to someone who really cares about you, a spouse, a friend, parent, clergy, someone who will be honest with you and report to them your success and your failure.

Anything worth while is not easy to come by……….

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