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2011-02-24 10.07.07As a fitness professional for over 18 years,  I am constantly being asked, “What is the best exercise for __________? (Fill in the blank) Some ask how to get rid of their love handles, their double chin and their over-sized rear end, (I have no idea why they are asking me-mine is booty-full) and thighs.  In my earlier days of my career I gave people a variety of exercises for specific targeted muscles.  I always reminded them that you can NOT spot reduce a specific area.  If we could, people who chewed gum all day would have skinny faces.

Being a little bit older and more wise.  I have found the secret exercise to helping people become fit and healthy.  It is,


I’ve coached people through moderate work-outs that have lasted multiple hours, and they have had results. I’ve coached people through 4 minutes of grueling exercise and they have had results!  It’s about showing up.  If that means you need someone to be accountable to, then hire a trainer.  But do your homework and get a good one.  Not one that will put you on a machine and count your reps.  You can do that yourself. Find a trainer who believes in function.  My motto is be Fit for Your Life.

If you plan on running a half marathon you better train for one by running.  If you are a stay at home mom with a 2-year old and you do the grocery shopping and lawn mowing and box lifting, you need to do some functional strength training. If you are a 30 year old single guy who has a desk job, you don’t need to be bench pressing 250 lbs.  How is that applicable to your life?! Do some push-ups against the wall-dip style.  Then do some more-one handed.  Then for heavens sake do some rowing to pull your shoulders back from the seated position they’ve been in for 8 plus hours a day. I’ve seen more injuries due to the result of under-trained, imbalanced muscles than over-trained.

Forget about having the perfect physique.  If you are a body builder, then yes you better worry about how those muscles are sculpted.  If you are a power lifter, it’s not about the look, it’s about the strength! For the rest of us average people, just find yourself doing the exercise you love or will tolerate and remember to be Fit for ‘Your’ Life.


Michelle 🙂

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