Poison is sweet

There is a lot of debate as to whether phenylalaline is a safe amino acid.  In fact, many people avoid diet soda and other sugar free drinks because they contain phenylalaline.  Those of you who are avoiding phenylalaline althogether, you had better add a long list of proteins and other foods to your do not eat list.  Including:  Meats, Dairy Products, Legumes, nuts, eggs, shell fish, active yeast, basil and way too many vegetables to name,  as well as some fast food items.

phenylalanineThere needs to be a better understanding among the population as to the difference between Phenylalaline in it’s natural form (most of the food products I just mentioned) and the amino acid that is used in the synthetic process to create ASPARTAME.  Manufacturers have gotten smarter.  They know that  consumers are becoming more aware of the negative side effects of aspartame and so they are labeling their products with phenylalaline because people are like, “What’s that?”   Aspartame is nasty.  Besides leaving a metallic taste in my mouth, there are so many other possible side effects from consuming it. Including, headaches, stomach problems, eye problems-including blindness, ear problems, neurological problems, endocrine disorders, auto-immune disorders and many, many other abnormalities. Bottom line- AVOID ASPARTAME and know Phenylalaline is used to make it.

In 1995 the FDA received thousands of complaints about their symptoms in relation to consuming aspartame.  You can find the article at

I know sugar is higher in calories and is linked to obesity.  I know it raises blood sugar and causes insulin to kick in but I will choose a sugared anything (soda or a punch-like drink, gelatin etc….) over one that has been sweetened by aspartame.

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