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Filling Your Well is about perspective, seeing things in a different way or through the eyes of another person. It’s about nourishing your soul or perhaps tugging on your heart strings.

Fit for Your Life pertains to things functional to life.  I’m a functional trainer, I lean to the side of practicality.

My Fitness Videos fall into the category of ‘Sanity Workouts’. I’ve taught all kinds of crazy-fancy step-aerobic workouts and kickboxing with the best of them. I’ve written hard core training programs for clients (similar to those you can ‘buy all 6 cd’s on T.V.)  as well. These do not fall into this genre-on purpose. I would like to see more people benefit from exercise that is less stress on the body, unless you are training for a competitive event-you don’t need a pounding on your joints, hard workout.

Fuel for Your Body is where to find gluten and dairy free recipes.

It’s a Green Life is probably my favorite (last the best of all the game-right?) Natural remedies for the body, the scoop on what really is better for us.  How to remove the toxins from your environment etc…

Thanks for stopping by.  Live your life WELL!

Chelle 🙂