Relax and Renew


One of the latest trends in spa therapy is seaweed wraps. I recently returned from a cruise to the Caribbean and while on board I treated myself (or my husband treated me for our 20th anniversary!) to a seaweed wrap.  The process was simple but relaxing.  First the use of a brush to stimulate the lymphatic system (increase circulation and blood flow). Next the application of the seaweed mud, followed by me getting wrapped up into a cocoon with a large foil sheet that reminded me of a survival blanket I have in a 72-hour kit, process……for about 30 minutes, shower off and massage with moisturizer.



Seaweed wraps help the body to detoxify and cleanse. As the therapist was slathering me with green muddy goo I could feel a tingling sensation-mostly from my stomach and back.  Seaweed is full of vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, and these chemical elements:  copper, iodine, iron,  potassium, and zinc. If you have sensitivities or allergies, you may want to consult with the massage therapist prior to your treatment.

Some claim that the body’s metabolism speeds up after having a seaweed wrap treatment because of it’s rich iodine content which our thyroid gland needs to regulate correctly. Seaweed wraps also help to exfoliate the skin, scrubbing away the dead cells, setting the stage for better absorption when the moisturizer is applied.

What a relaxing experience!  I’m not sure if a person is suppose to be a bit sore after this treatment, but I was.  I felt like I had done an hour of a P90X workout.  Perhaps that was me detoxing?!  At any rate it was wonderful and I’m just “sure” that was what kept me from gaining the average 5lb from being on a cruise 😉 ……………..I gained 4 hahaha!

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