Perspective is Everything-Placing a child for adoption

tamraNo two people are alike-even twins.  My dad and his twin brother are identical.  When I was growing up, my dad and his brother farmed together and often my uncle was at our place, working on machinery or fixing a flat tire.  From a distance it was very difficult to tell them apart from one another.  There were several times that I went out to speak to my dad and I ended up gibbering away at my uncle.  You get the point, physically they looked very similar.  As they’ve gotten older each has gone a different path as far as grooming goes and it’s easier to recognize which one my dad when he’s out walking around-since his farming accident in 1978, he walks with a limp.

Both brothers think very differently though, just like everyone else, identical siblings or not.  I remember when I was about 10 years old, my uncle and dad were trying to heard some cattle that had escaped from a weakening in the barbed wire fence. Dad had the idea to do one thing and his brother had a different idea.  I won’t write down the expletives that were used by my uncle (I was in ear-shot) when the cows didn’t do what he had expected them to do! I don’t think my dad even knew his brother was upset.  He was just using his method for chasing the critters back to the pasture.

What does my dad and his twin brother have to do with National Adoption Month?!  Nothing-other than to illustrate that no two people think alike-even identical twins.  I want to share with you, one view point from a birth mom who chose to place her son for adoption.  I realize that this may arouse some negative feelings and I ask for your patience if you or someone you know don’t share Tamra’s perspective.  According to her, it wasn’t her son to begin with.  I really enjoyed listening to Tamra tell her story.  Her explanation is exactly how I hope, and fantasize that the gals who were my children’s birth-moms felt.




  1. I had seen this before and it made me change forever how I think of birth mothers. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My sister and her husband adopted 2 children and this really gives me a new perspective of the birth mom. Thank you for sharing this.

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