Need to Detox?

Want to know a secret way to detox?  It’s actually not a secret but I hadn’t heard of it until a few days ago and I decided to give it a try.  It’s called “Oil Pulling”  Oil pulling is an ancient alternative medicinal practice from the Ayurvedic culture (native from the Indian sub-continent.)

.  oil pullingIt’s a technique that is very simple and used for cleansing the body of impurities.  Testimonials of cleansing the teeth, improved weight loss, removing heavy metals from the body, as well as improving the function of your immune system are common. And since I have an auto-immune disorder, I have decided to use myself as a guinea pig and see if I can strengthen my own immune system and try this out.  This is what you do:

Take 1-2 TB of organic purified oil.  It can be extra virgin olive oil, or sesame oil or coconut oil, I have also read that honey can be used as well.  If you have sensitive teeth I don’t recommend this, as it can give you a toothache.   Then you put the oil into your mouth and SWISH. Swish it around and work the oil between your teeth and your cheeks and gums…..for 20 minutes.  Now, don’t freak out!  The first time I tried this I could only stand to do it for 10.  I think it was because I was sitting in front of the t.v.  If you are up and around, doing laundry and making beds and feeding cats and doing dishes then it goes by much faster!

After the eternity of 20 minutes has passed, SPIT out the oil.  Do NOT swallow.  Apparently, under a microscope, live organisms are swimming around in that oil that has been spat out-GROSS.  According to one doctor, these are poisonous.  That’s why its important NOT to swallow.  The poisons are bacteria embryos that cause disease.

I’ve read that it’s recommended to do 1-2 times daily, on an empty stomach. I started oil pulling just 4 days ago on Monday evening.  The first thing I noticed the next morning is that I didn’t have a bad taste in my mouth like I have had occasionally.  Before you go about judging my dental hygiene, I will have you know that I brush 3-4 times a day and floss every night!

Then I noticed that my teeth felt clean (I know you are thinking, well they should be clean, you didn’t eat anything in the middle of the night!) but they felt like I had JUST brushed them.

I’ve continued to do the oil pulling 3 more times.  I’ve tried olive oil and coconut oil.  Yesterday I started getting hot flashes…..I haven’t had those for YEARS…..having gone through natural menopause at the age of 24 I had forgotten what they felt like and I thought I was just getting angry when the first heat wave hit me and then I was like, “oh ya…..hello again -_-“

Now I think I will consult a forum that I’m part of to get the opinions of some women and men who may have tried this technique, so I can get some insight.  Perhaps I’m in detox and this is how it is playing out.  All in all, oil pulling is an inexpensive, painless way to experiment on an ancient alternative medicinal practice.  I will continue to post progress and/or other side effects.

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