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As a kid, I didn’t really like milk.  I don’t know if it was because my stomach felt queasy after I drank it or if it was because our milk cow, Bossy, had feasted in the stinging nettle weeds and it gave it a funny taste.  My parents drank milk and encouraged us kids to drink it because we needed our calcium to build strong bones. Kunz Cows

Have you ever stopped to think that humans are the only mammal to continue to drink milk after they have been weaned from their  mamas?  Cows milk is the most common food  allergy in  American children.

 According to the Food Intolerance Institute of Australia, dairy intolerance is GENETIC and  75% (3 out of every 4 people) are intolerant to dairy products and don’t even know it.  Symptoms include:  headaches, coughing, asthma, frequent colds or flu, digestive issues, skin problems or low iron retention. Speaking for myself, I had skin problems, digestive issues and frequent colds and flu as well as Vitamin D deficiency.

There are two different types of dairy allergies one has to do with lactose intolerance , the body’s inability to digest it and the other is an allergy to casein.   Lactose is the sugar that is present in most mammalian milk. Lactose intolerance is when the body has an inability to digest  Casein is the protein within the milk of all mammals including, cows, sheep, buffalo, camel, yak and human.

There are many food items that have casein in them that need to be avoided just like milk and it’s derivatives if you suspect you are casein intolerant.

A short list includes:   hot dogs, lunch meat, malt, non dairy creamer butter, nougat, pudding, sausage, and whey.

Other ingredients which may contain milk protein flavorings:  Caramel Coloring, Brown Sugar Flavoring, Bavarian Cream Flavoring, Natural Chocolate Flavoring and Coconut Cream Flavoring.

Many people are unwilling to give up their dairy products.  I hear ya-I claim to be part mouse when it comes to loving cheese.  And my favorite go-to treat is frozen yogurt.  Correction:  It use to be my go-to treat.  But I am motivated by fear of bad health in the long run so I continue to stay away from food that I KNOW I’m intolerant/allergic to. Don’t use a “band aid” which I have referred to in other posts and cover up the signals your body is trying to tell you!

It’s easier to avoid foods you are intolerant/allergic to if you have a substitute.  I use almond milk, or coconut milk or rice milk on my cereal, gluten free of course.  I can eat almond or coconut yogurt.  Coconut ice-cream is very satisfying as well.  I have found that there is no substitute for cheese……the upside to that is calories, or the lack thereof for giving up the cheese. Milk chocolate has also been hard for me to give up, I love my Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (heaped on my frozen yogurt) However, I have found gluten free, non dairy chocolate chips and I get a spoon of peanut butter and sprinkle a generous amount of those vegan chips on top.

I have found brands of dark chocolate that do not contain dairy in them. They are 70% or more cacao and yes it doesn’t melt like milk chocolate but you can savor it longer and the taste is richer and lasts longer in your mouth-it’s practically health food 😉  I have also learned that cocoa butter is safe and does NOT contain casein.

Sticking your head in the sand, or doing nothing can be a risk to your health.   If you suspect you might have a dairy or other food intolerance register for a free ebook;  “How to tell if you have a food intolerance”     www.

Live your life with the best health you can-it’s only food……:)


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