Keep Moving While on Vacation


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You’ve worked hard, lost a few inches and maybe several pounds.  You’ve visited the tanning bed (we know the sun didn’t give you that color….in February) you have new ‘skinny’ clothes bought and maybe even a new bathing suit. Now it’s vacation time!! Don’t undo all of your hard work in one short week.  Stay active, keep stimulating the muscles.  Reduce your intensity and duration and let your body get that R&R you need….and that includes your gut!   The average weight gain on a 7-day cruise ranges from 5-7 lbs!

You can avoid weight gain by doing two things….watch your intake and keep moving.  Most of us are in denial and if you are still in your 20’s you have about 10 more years before reality will hit you when you finally realize that “You get LEAN at the dinner table and STRONG in the gym.” We will never be able to out-exercise the calories of what we are capable of eating.

First about the food:  Stay hydrated.  Easy on the dressing with your salad.  Dip your fork, then take a bite of salad-repeat. Watch the heavy sauces, and gravies.  Eat plenty of fiber so ‘things’ don’t slow down. Be picky, only eat the best dessert.  If you take one bite and it’s not that good, it’s not worth the calories. Don’t drink your calories.  Alcohol and soda are empty calories (no nutritional value) and that goes for juice too-no it’s not the same as eating a piece of fruit.

Second about exercise: Keep moving. Find opportunities to take the stairs, park your car in the back of the lot. Exercise before you eat, your body will be ready to consume and USE the food you are supplying it. Play-Play-Play.  And SLEEP!

Enjoy your vacation but remember all of the hard work you put into that body FOR the trip.

” It’s much harder to start over, than it is to resume where we are.”  (That’s my own quote :))


Stay Well,


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