Interested is some GREEN?

warm creek daisies

Were any of you required to take a shower like this:  Turn on the water-get wet.  Turn off the water-shampoo and soap up.  Turn on the water and rinse.  Turn off the water-condition and shave your legs (sorry for the visual!) Turn on the water and rinse.  Turn off the water.  Shower complete in roughly 5 minutes, and only 1 gallon of water used……just kidding-I probably used a gallon and a half 😉

This was the requirement in the home I grew up in, mostly because we had a large family of 8 and a medium sized hot water heater.  My mom line dried the clothes in the summer, including the towels… need to buy expensive loofah brushes or scrubs-thank you very much. This was in the 70’s and 80’s when green wasn’t popular yet…okay, my parents were frugal!

Now that I’m an adult, I see the wisdom in conserving water-in fact I store some in 50 gallon blue storage containers. I grow my own vegetables and fruit and eat them all summer long.  Then I process them so I can eat delicious vine ripened, nutrient dense food  in the winter. I don’t use harmful pesticides on my garden either-I can shop at the store if I want to eat chemicals. I use sulphate- free shampoo and non-toxic cleaners, detergents with no bleach, chlorine or formaldehyde.  I do DRAW the line (no pun intended) at hanging out my towels-I like my skin right where it is, ON my body.

This is the short list of how I began to be ‘green’.  Why?  You ask.  Two reasons:  First, because it’s better for the environment (we all know) AND it’s better for our bodies. And second, teaching people how to be green without spending any more money from their monthly budget is very ‘rewarding.’

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