Healthy Immune System Aids in My Weight Loss

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Many of you know that I have an autoimmune condition.  It attacks my thyroid.  I don’t have a thyroid problem, I have an immune system problem.  My goal over the last two years has been to A) Shut off the autoimmune system response B) Return to good health C) Lose unwanted body fat-not just weight.

When I sat in a doctor’s office over two years ago, I was upset to learn that I had food intolerance that more than likely led to my autoimmune condition which wreaked havoc on my endocrine system. (the system that controls our hormones: all sex hormones and thyroid hormones  I had gone through premature menopause at 24 years old and had progressively lost energy over the years.) My immune system was  weak from having multiple illnesses at once, several times a year.  One summer I had thrush, strep throat, and cold sores.  A fungal, bacterial and viral infection all at once! I was MISERABLE. I finally got sick of being sick and found a couple doctors that changed my life. The first diagnosed my low functioning thyroid and the second, Dr. M,  diagnosed my food intolerance.

At the time, in Doctor M’s office all I wanted to do was have my energy back and to lose weight, I didn’t care about getting healthy. Dr. M recommended that I quit focusing so much on weight loss, but start focusing on strengthening my immune system and then weight loss would take take of itself if I fed my body the proper nutrition for ME.  Which meant I had to avoid gluten and dairy….no easy task.  I will admit that I’ve probably been 90/10 on not eating the bad foods for me. I was skeptical that I really needed to do it, probably because I didn’t want to go through the learning curve of a new lifestyle, because that is exactly what it would be, a new lifestyle. I wasn’t a stranger to trying to change my lifestyle of eating, when I first went through menopause, 17 years ago,  I tried no less than 5 holistic diets and dozens of herbs and supplements  to improve my condition.  Nothing reversed my condition and most were just expensive and left me frustrated.

I took a leap of faith that Dr. M was right and I avoided my triggers that set off my immune system and it took a while.  But gradually I got stronger.  I had some setbacks because I had to challenge my immune system to find out more food triggers (some gluten free flours I was eating-go figure!) but I’ve been on the path to feeling better.

When it comes to supplements I have to be very careful.  I cannot use caffeine in any form:  soda, OTC medication, weight loss supplements etc… I can NOT use green tea AT ALL. I had been using some supplements not knowing it was in there and I kept having flare ups and didn’t know why. A flare up for me meant; sluggish metabolism and digestion, back and joint pain and insomnia.

A friend approached me over 4 months ago to try an immune system supplement.  We were having a phone conversation and I was rolling my eyes thinking, he has no idea every single herb and tincture I’ve tried and nothing works for me.  For some strange reason I said I would be open to trying it if I could talk to the someone who knows more about the content of what is in it.  During that conversation I drilled the guy, who happened to be the VP of the manufacturing company, and he went off and spoke to the doctor and told him everything I could not have, because I knew those things.  He came back to me and told me what was in the supplements (just food in concentrated forms, nothing I can’t pronounce or look up in wikipedia-which I did.  I agreed to try them for 2 months. Best supplements I’VE ever used.

My energy level has come back up, my body fat has gone down and it’s become necessary that I lessen the amount of hormonal medication I take, due to the fact that my immune system is stronger and my body is starting to function at a higher level than before. Two weeks ago I went to my family doctor and had blood work done.  For years my kidney function has been flagged….not any more! My cholesterol, HDL and LDL are at the best rates ever. My blood pressure is perfect 110/65.

I’m not saying it was all due to these supplements.  I eat right for ME. I exercise 3-4 times a week-My New Year’s Resolution has been to step that up and I have been doing so.  But I know how my body has responded to all the other stuff I’ve bought over the years.  I’ve used green tea extract for weight loss and all that did was cause a flare up.  I’ve taken metabolic enhancers (not steroids!) and crave blockers and cleanses and nothing helped me like these supplements have done.

I’m providing a link to the main website.  There are several short videos (2 minutes or less) about the 2 products this company produces as well as FAQ about them.

If this looks like something you would like to try, I would like to help you on your journey, which means I will step away from my nursing school student role and put my Personal Trainer/Nutrition Consultant hat on and we will get together via phone and figure out a plan that will work for YOU.





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