Hashimotos-Vegas Baby!

Vegas was not great……IDK if it was the fact that it was snowing, or the mileage was off on practically everyone’s running legs or that I am about burned out.  Well, perhaps I should be.  I’ve ran/hiked almost 400 miles this year and it’s only the beginning of December.  I shouldn’t complain because my friend Stacey was diagnosed with cancer and she couldn’t even participate at Ragnar.  She came and was our driver. What a trooper she is!  She had the hardest run in So. Cal Ragnar in Corona with temps in the high 90’s and she got HIT by a car and SHE KEPT GOING!  I think all of that was foreshadowing her trial of cancer she is going through……she is still going!  Never quitting.

I am tired.  We slept (kinda) on a sidewalk next to a gravel parking lot.  The wind was horrible and I sprained my ankle on my 8 mile night run…but my pace was still 9 minute miles.  I forgot to mention that I ran in Geweke Pink October with John in October and I got the best time EVER….8:30 pace!! John really tore it up with an 8:15 pace.  Afterwards he said, I can see why people can get addicted to running!

Anyway, I think it’s time for me to try to find out the rest of my puzzle…..IDK if I really want to know.



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