Hashimotos-Slow Recovery

I spent the summer with my parents and literally played more than I did when I was in high school!  I played on a softball league and I hiked and biked and tried to run, by my energy levels have been sapped.  I slept in and went to bed whenever I wanted.  I relaxed while picking huckleberries.  I just had so much fun.  I just wish I could get my strength back to the way it was last year.  I’m glad I found out about the dairy intolerance but I’ve been so weak since the immune stressor test and I can’t run like I did last year.  Maybe I’m just burned out.  My mileage last year was just over 400 miles.  I get tired when I think about it……

I’ve cut out most of my supps because they are so stinking expensive!  I still do D-3 and Selenium and Magnesium, but I can’t really take the good Melaleuca vitamins because they have such a good absorpancy rate and now that I’ve cut out the gluten and dairy my gut has healed and I think the iodine is too high for me.  It’s amazing how in-tune I’ve become with my body.  It’s kinda cool and annoying at the same time.  I’ve cheated here and there and I keep suffering with symptoms but to be honest, this is hard for me…..:(


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