Hashimotos New Eating Plan

So, I started eating gluten free and just eating more veggies and protein.  I even started to go Paleo, which is proving really hard for me.  The only grain I could have before that was brown rice and IDK if I want to give that up!  Within just a couple weeks my pain that I have been having (even though Dr. Monroe put me on a different thyroid medication that was a lower strength) went away….weird!  I wonder if my body just got used to the new medication.

My body has a ton of inflammation whenever I exercise now and it’s not like a regular sore….its like I’ve torn my hamstrings.  I don’t like this kind of sore.  I haven’t been able to sleep at night and John has been out of town so I’ve been soaking in the hot tub and crying as I look to the Heavens and feel sorry for myself.


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