Hashimotos Meds are Killing ME!

Oh my gosh, since I started the meds a couple months ago, I am in SO MUCH pain.  All of the time and I have horrible gas.  I went to women’s conference at BYU with a group of friends and I was so miserable in the back seat that I asked my friend Emily if I could drive.  She let me so my legs could stretch out.

I have been so depressed and CRAZY, lunatic mom.  I seriously have wanted to die.  John came home from work the other night and found me in a puddle of tears and asked what he can do to help me.  I just shook my head and said “I don’t know.  I want out.”  Meaning I was wanting to die.  I have never been in this much physical and emotional pain in my life!  I am so desperate for help.  Tomorrow I’m going to start calling around for a ND and fire Dr. Warner.  I don’t think he knows what the heck he is doing!!


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