Hashimotos GF Summer

It is hard to be with family and eat right!! I have family members who do not understand that I have to eat this way or I will be in pain! The say, well it’s really not an allergy (they are right, it’s an intolerance).  But I don’t want to be in pain, so I eat this way.  I’m not trying to be a pain in anyone’s butt.  Seriously, do you think I want to eat like this, I DON’T!!

I hiked Table Rock with my sister and her son and Kaden and John.  Poor little kids were almost delirious from exhaustion!  John had to carry Colten a couple of miles for Summer.  But we had a good time!

I’m going to do another Ragnar in November.  This time I’m putting together the team and it’s in Las Vegas in November so it should be perfect weather.  My hormones have been out of whack and I’m taking so many stinking supplements IDK if I’ve taken them at the right times….thyroid in the morning-wait an hour.  Eat breakfast….wait 3 more hours before I can take any other vitamin.  I’ve been reading Datis Kharrazian’s book, “Why do I still have thyroid symptoms if my lab tests are normal?” YES, I WANT TO KNOW!

I know things are still not balanced.  Dr. K has explained that there are two sides to the immune system and people with Hashis are either TH-1 dominant or TH-2 dominant.  There is a special test that will challenge the immune system to find out which way a person is.  It’s some herbal concoction. I quit going to Dr. Monroe, not because she wasn’t good, but because she is so expensive!  I gleaned some good info about myself from her and now I’m just moving on.  According to Dr. K, I need to add selenium to my list of supplements.  I’m already taking D-3 and glutamine and magnesium (helps with constipation) plus I’ve read that green tea is good for the immune system so I’ve been taking a Melaleuca supplement that has it in there.  And I’m taking the plant based hormonal supplement.

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