Hashimotos Education

So, it’s been a roller coaster ride!  I fired Dr. Dumb Dumb and found Dr. Monroe a ND in Sacramento.  I have found out a few different things….one my medication for my thryoid was too high!!  second, I have a gliadin (one strain of gluten) intolerance.  Third, my female hormones were at cancerous levels. (thank you dr. dumb dumb for putting my on a high dosage of bio-identical hormones for my early menopause that were way to fricken high).

Dr. Monroe wouldn’t even let me talk about weight loss.  She says I have to heal my gut….whatever that means!  If anything my gut is slow.  I am always constipated!  So she recommends I go gluten free, I don’t know how I am going to do that!  I am a runner, personal trainer and a mom to kids who loves treats as much as me!! I need my carbs!

Oh and she explained that Hashis is not a thyroid disease, its an AUTOIMMUNE disease that attacks the thyroid…..she says if we can shut off the immune system we can stop the attack-that makes sense, I guess. So I will be starting a gluten free diet.  Just look for me passed out along the road somewhere from lack of carbs…….

🙁 Chelle

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