Hashimotos Diagnosis Day

I’ve been feeling really crappy for the longest time.  My business is suffering and I am so burned out on personal training.  I finally got fed up with being sick ALL OF THE TIME.  I’ve been on so many different hormonal treatments over the last 14 years.  A couple of weeks ago I decided to seek out a doctor who is in to more natural treatments, but has practiced conventional medicine…..the best of both worlds? My symptoms have been…strep throat every time I buckle down and try to work out a lot and watch my calories. Two years ago I had strep throat, thrush, and cold sores.  So basically, a bacterial infection, a fungal infection and a viral infection all at once.  My friend Kelly had to come help my husband lay the sod we had ordered because I was too dang weak to do it.

I joined Weight Watchers 2 months ago and I’ve lost 2 lbs in two months.  I am STARVING!! I honestly cannot figure out why I’m not losing weight!!!

My energy has been non existent. I have insomnia but I’m exhausted…..WTH? So finally I went to Dr. Warner in Natomas.  After doing some blood work that I was sure was going to just be routine, he discovered that I have a thryoid disorder called Hashimotos.  And my thryoid is low.  He is starting me on some thyroid medication.  Hooray!  Maybe I can start to lose some of this weight I’ve gained.


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