Hashimotos Break Through!!


I am a realist, okay sometimes a pessimist.  I try not to be but I jump to conclusions and assume the worst.  I have anxiety and when I eat my trigger foods it’s really bad and I don’t mean to, but I turn into a control freak.  It’s like I have this nervous energy and it has to go somewhere.

Sometime in October my father in law called me up and wanted to pitch something to me.  Ugh….another magic supplement.  I told him that my immune system is so sensitive that I doubt I would be able to use it.  But for some reason, someone besides my pessimistic self said, “Okay Tom, I would be open to hearing about it.” He had the VP of the company call me and answer my questions. I had gave him homework to ask the staff doctor too.  I grilled him and showed off about how much I knew about the immune system to try to test to see if HE knew about autoimmune diseases much.

The reply, “This supplement TARGETS the immune system.”

“Oh……..” was my reply.  He got me.  Still being skeptical I agreed to let him send me a box of the stuff on the company’s dime.  And I agreed to try it.  The box said to take one packet in water every day.  Not knowing how my immune system would react I only did half the dosage and made it last two months instead of one.  After the first month, I told John, “I think this is doing something….my thyroid seems to be running a bit higher and I don’t need as much sleep.”  My aches and pains in my right hip had gone away too.  And I was getting back that DEEP sleep that I used to get.

I’m still trying to understand the science about all of it.  But in the meantime, I decided to order the stuff for myself.  Especially since I ran out over a week ago and I can tell the difference.  My energy level went back down and I was tired in the afternoons again. And when 6 a.m. came around, I admittedly had to hit the snooze a few times….

Today is Day 3 back on the stuff and I’m feeling good.  Also, I decided to try their weight loss product since the immune system stuff works so well for me 😀

So now my supps are Bellage (immune system supplement) selenium, and D-3 and hormone supplement. And I take the Kronuit at night. That is the weight loss supplement.  Tell you what, I don’t even need the magnesium anymore to keep me regular…whoo hoo! But the absolute best thing is, that since it’s Christmas time and I have been struggling to stay on my good food routine (ie no gluten or dairy) and haven’t been feeling the aches and pains like a normally would.  BUT the dairy still does give me gas….oh well, I can’t have it all!


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