Hashimotos-Blood Test Results

I went to the doctor last week so I could get my thyroid levels checked one more time before the new year.  I also spoke to my old DC in CA that was treating me with supplements etc.  I wanted her to check my hormone panels so she sent me out a saliva kit and those test results should be back after Christmas.  She wanted to do a  whole other string of tests, but I told her I’ve been feeling great, and she replied, “just because you feel good, doesn’t mean everything is okay…” WHAT?! I wanted to kick her in the shins through the phone!  I thought it was suppose to be the other way around….?

At any rate, I made her listen to what I wanted, since I was paying for the tests and insurance doesn’t cover the saliva testing. But today I went back to my new PCP and my test results are in.  EVERYTHING looked awesome.  Even my kidney function which I’ve been tracking since before my Hashis diagnoses, is better!  My cholesterol and triglycerides have never been better, neither has my blood sugar.  In the past my sodium has been low.  I’m in the perfect range now.  My D-3 is holding it’s own-even though I’ve been less than religious about taking it regularly.  All of my thyroid numbers look good and he even tested the Reverse T-3 which even my endocrinologist in CA would not do…..why is it that some patients know what needs but their docs don’t?! Pulse was 62 and BP was 106/60 WOWZA!

I had a playful but frank conversation with this new PCP (primary care physician).  I told him that I’ve done my homework, I know what my body needs and if he wasn’t willing to listen to me, the patient, I would find someone else.  He genuinely smiled and said he says the same thing when he has to go to the doctor.  I think we will be friends….

Okay, confession….I really ate a lot of gluten last week at our Christmas Party we had here with our friends.  My friend/client Sharon’s husband made the best apple pie I’ve ever eaten-no kidding….even better than my mother-in-law’s and that is saying something. I bake apple pie too, but mine is an easy 3rd or 4th….and it’s all from scratch. It felt so good to eat regular food.  I was afraid to get up the next morning because the first thing to lock up is my back. Yes, it was tight and yes so were my hips…to be expected.  So instead of going for a short run, I went for a medium size walk and did some strength training.

I ordered a shipment of the Bellage and Kronuit and started taking them faithfully and I honestly think my side effects aren’t as bad.  There is some stiffness yes, but no muscle twinges or pain.  I will admit my right hand has been tingly the last couple mornings, everything happens on my right side…..sigh….stupid truss accident when I was in my early 20’s….truss fell off the roof of a house we were building-it’s in one of my blog posts about adoption, I think.  When Christmas is over, I will link it up.  Anyway, I have some scar tissue and inflammation goes right to my old injury.

Big day tomorrow, field trip with my 4th grader and I have GF bread that will need to be removed from my breadmaker in 3 hours…better get some sleep.


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