Hashimotos-Big Year Ahead!

I haven’t written too much, because things are pretty uneventful.  I have been having hair loss, which is frustrating but I’ve also been able to drop a couple lbs and when I say a couple, that’s what I mean-2 lbs.

I feel a lot better and I don’t mean to complain, but I know I have some of my health puzzle put together but it’s frustrating because I’m still missing some pieces.  On the good side, I’m getting stronger and I haven’t been sick AT ALL!  The swelling in my lymph nodes behind my ears has gone down and I feel like I can think again!

I’ve been asked to run in a relay with a bunch of women from church.  Celeste is putting together a team, I guess she has done a few of these Ragnar races in the past.  It’s in Southern California and it’s 200 MILES!!  My running distance will be about 21 miles over a 30 hour period of time.  I guess there is really no sleeping and what rest we do get will be in the van with 5 other sweaty, smelly women…..bring it on!

Also, I forgot to mention that I’m training a client for a Half Marathon in May.  The weekend after Ragnar.  I plan on running with Baldeep so I have got a LOT of training to do!! Gluten free is going well.  I do slip up and have a couple bites of things, but then my muscles get so cramped up and my neck kills me and my back locks up.  Will I ever get to eat normally again?!


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