Hashimotos after the BIG cheating

So I was super bad between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I ate homemade rolls and pie and cookies and homemade bread.  At first I didn’t feel anything.  My system was pretty strong.  But after a month of ingesting gluten (and dairy) off and on I REALLY started to feel it.  My back and neck started to stiffen up.  My shoulder joints have ached for a good week, and my hands (mostly my right one) have been numb when I have woken up.  However, I haven’t eaten anything with gluten in it for 4 days, I know, not very long, but my symptoms are already going away.  In the early days of gluten cheating the affects lasted a lot longer…..several weeks and even months.

I am taking taking two supplements instead of just the one.  The one that focuses on the immune system and I’m taking a weight management supplement at night.  It tastes like cranberry tea and I drink it warm. With all of the holiday eating I gained about 3 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I’ve been on the WM supplement a week now and I’m down 1 lb.  My plan is to lose 8 lbs this year.  The 3 that I recently put on and the last 5 lbs that are the difference between me wearing my jeans comfortably or painted on! The last 5 lbs are always the hardest.

Plus, my daughter is getting married this spring so I want to look nice for that. And I want to feel better.  No more gluten cheating!!

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