Gluten Injection

My eyes are burning!  My eyes are burning!! Is the the only thing I could say under my breath as I wandered down the aisle today with my mouth agape,  desperately, almost inwardly, begging there to be an over-sized bag of rice flour on the shelf of a wholesale, restaurant quantity food store in Charlotte, NC.  Yes I said quantity not quality.  Lots of shoppers from restaurants were there loading up pick-up trucks with the frozen, canned and fresh goods that will soon end up on a diner’s plate.

This store supplied everything from frozen chicken patties, to stew meat, large containers of spices and 10 lb cans of pudding and pie filling and large bags of chocolate chips.  This was not a Costco or Sam’s Club. Large boxes of fresh produce were for sale too and they all looked to be really good quality.  The one thing they did not carry, much to my disappointment was any type of gluten free flour, which was most of my reason for driving 27 miles from my house.

Fifty pound bags of flour filled the shelves.  And not just regular flour, although there were 2 different kinds that were ‘regular baking’ flour.  The rest had HIGH GLUTEN printed on the front of the packaging…..ugh….and people wonder why there are so many people with intolerance these days.  It’s because manufacturers are injecting gluten into regular flour to make it more fluffy and and light. It’s what makes good bread, have the texture of excellent bread.  Gluten is a cheap filler too, so why not?!

gluten flour1 gluten flour2 gluten flour3


I guess the thing that bugs me the most is, with this wave of gluten intolerance on the rise, WHY are manufacturers still injecting more and more gluten into flour?  They want the whole darn, (I almost swore) population to have a problem in a decade?  Professionals are so concerned with the obesity epidemic but what about the food intolerance epidemic?! When I was diagnosed two years ago, I knew 2 others besides myself, now I know almost 2 dozen!  It’s hard enough for some adults to change their lifestyle but a LOT of kids really struggle with this.  It’s harder for them in social situations.  They want to be like their peers and have regular pizza and regular cake at a birthday party.  For heck’s sake, they want to be able to just eat regular school lunch!

I feel like gluten is like sex.  It is what sells, who cares what the long term cost is.  Off my soapbox now.



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