First BIG Gluten Free Events!!

So here is the report.  Ragnar So. Cal was awesome!  I had so much fun and my night run, 8 Miles was awesome.  It was mostly down hill and I got to run on the board walk around 9 pm at night with tons of people out and about since it was a Friday night.  It was very foggy and misty but I was the perfect temperature.  I love to run in the cold.  My body temp is still running around 97 degrees but running heats me up fast.  I fueled up with yams and brown rice and drank chocolate milk to recover.  I did get a sick stomach on my last run, I think it was from eating way to many chomps and dr pepper, before my long run.  I needed some energy-don’t judge!!

Then, I ran the Parkway Half with Baldeep the Saturday afterwards.  OH.MY.GOSH.  I did NOT fuel up enough after Ragnar and by mile 10 I was spent.  I seriously had to mentally dig deep.  I had to leave Baldeep because at the pace she was keeping, I didn’t think I was going to make it.  So I left her behind so I could just plow through and do it.  I felt like I had been on a leg extension machine for an hour!!  My quads were on FIRE.

I did finish in a decent time but was seriously asking who’s stupid idea was this for me to do two events back to back weekends….MINE?!! I have realized that I do NOT need gluten to be an athlete.  I eat plenty of beans and rice and yams and tons of other veggies and protein (greek yogurt is my new favorite) fish and chicken and some beef.  As long as I get my higher sugar carbs yams and bananas and carotts and peas, I’m good!


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