Hot Fudge Sauce

hotfudge sauce

This hot fudge sauce is versatile, yet decadent. I’ve used it on ice cream sundaes, New York Cheesecake, and even cake rolls. We’ve also made hot fudge milkshakes with it; we chill the fudge overnight first when making the milk shakes. 1 can evaporated milk (or use what’s left over from making the Basque Bread […]


Healthy Immune System Aids in My Weight Loss

kronuit and belage

Many of you know that I have an autoimmune condition.  It attacks my thyroid.  I don’t have a thyroid problem, I have an immune system problem.  My goal over the last two years has been to A) Shut off the autoimmune system response B) Return to good health C) Lose unwanted body fat-not just weight. […]


Adoption Final Story-The Missing Link

family 2003-2

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Have you ever felt that someone from your family was missing?  It wasn’t just the fact that I had always wanted a son, but I felt like one of our family members was absent.  After this family picture was taken, I said to John, “Look! That spot is […]


And one more makes three-Adoption part 4


In 2001 we  moved to a smallish town in Central Northern California for my husband’s job but we knew that another reason we were there was to add to our family.  We couldn’t go through the same agency again as we had for our last child, because of their policy, if you already had 2 […]


Our Open Window/infertility and adoption part 3

Kalle hospital photo

  [Audio clip: view full post to listen] DISCLAIMER:  For those of you are are offended easily, you may not want to read this excerpt of the story. “Within this agency, our client base is largely teenage girls, with a few young adult women.  You need to put a portfolio together of you and your […]