Bust that SUGAR!

sugar bust

I recently have been thinking a lot about my own sugar consumption.  I, like most, eat too much of the sweet stuff.  I made a rule for myself many years ago, almost 18 to be specific.  The rule was, I had to wait to consume sugar until after lunch, otherwise sugar is the only thing […]


Gluten Injection

gluten flour1

My eyes are burning!  My eyes are burning!! Is the the only thing I could say under my breath as I wandered down the aisle today with my mouth agape,  desperately, almost inwardly, begging there to be an over-sized bag of rice flour on the shelf of a wholesale, restaurant quantity food store in Charlotte, […]


Moooove Over

Kunz Cows

As a kid, I didn’t really like milk.  I don’t know if it was because my stomach felt queasy after I drank it or if it was because our milk cow, Bossy, had feasted in the stinging nettle weeds and it gave it a funny taste.  My parents drank milk and encouraged us kids to […]


Do you have a gluten intolerance?

ID Barley Field

Amber waves of grain……or waves and waves of pain?  The grains we buy from the store in 2013 may look like the those that existed when Katharine Lee Bates wrote the Song, “America the Beautiful”  in the year 1895, but how our bodies respond to them are quite different -or was the response always the […]