Versatile Coconut Cream

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Yesterday I made delicious REAL ice cream made from coconut milk.  It also became evident to me that coconut milk when chilled and separated properly, has the same consistency as whipped butter!  Maybe you already knew that-if so, why haven’t you shared it with me?! By adding a bit of salt and sugar, I can […]


GF/DF Banana Muffins

GF DF Banana muffins

This is a recipe of my own making….with the help of my Great Grandma, that is.  She has the BEST banana bread recipe that I have converted over to a muffin recipe.  I’ve added a few things to make it dairy and gluten free and I removed a bit of the fat and sugar to […]


Sample Menu for eliminating High Inflammatory Foods

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Here is a sample menu related to my post Are “Diet” foods keeping you from losing fat? Breakfast  Vegan Protein Shake-no dairy (whey) or soy (soy lecithin is okay) pea-rice protein powder -2 scoops, 2 TB fiber (chia or hemp seeds or flaxseed meal) 1 cup of frozen berries (NOT BANANAS) 1 cup of liquid.  Can be […]


Are “Diet” Foods Keeping you from losing fat? Part 1


  Have you been counting calories and watching what you eat but don’t seem to be having success-especially on the scale?  I know, I know, we SHOULD pay more attention to how our clothes fit and not just what the scale says, and it is true.  However, are you getting stronger and less jiggly AND […]


Dairy Free Ice Cream

banana df icecream

This is so simple, even your 10 year old could do it.  Peel 3 Bananas and put them in the blender.  Add 1/2 cup vanilla unsweetened coconut milk.  Puree.  Pour into individual containers, cover and freeze. I’ve used Mangos as well.  A high sugar fruit that is ripe is best.