Hot Fudge Sauce

hotfudge sauce

This hot fudge sauce is versatile, yet decadent. I’ve used it on ice cream sundaes, New York Cheesecake, and even cake rolls. We’ve also made hot fudge milkshakes with it; we chill the fudge overnight first when making the milk shakes. 1 can evaporated milk (or use what’s left over from making the Basque Bread […]


Basque Bread

basque bread

What the heck is Basque Bread?! My husband’s family use to own a sheep ranch.  John’s grandpa and grandma hired Basque sheep herders to help with the flock.  My mother in-law boasted about their cooking.  She said there were a few things outside of herding sheep that the Basques were good at: Cooking in their […]


Bust that SUGAR!

sugar bust

I recently have been thinking a lot about my own sugar consumption.  I, like most, eat too much of the sweet stuff.  I made a rule for myself many years ago, almost 18 to be specific.  The rule was, I had to wait to consume sugar until after lunch, otherwise sugar is the only thing […]


Chocolate Cake and Fluffy Frosting

GF DF chocolate cake

Are you sick of me posting chocolate desserts?!  I’m not sick of eating them so I just keep re-inventing 🙂  This one is dairy free as well as gluten free of course but it has a little something in it you probably haven’t heard of.  I don’t even know if it’s still available for purchase. […]


Gluten Injection

gluten flour1

My eyes are burning!  My eyes are burning!! Is the the only thing I could say under my breath as I wandered down the aisle today with my mouth agape,  desperately, almost inwardly, begging there to be an over-sized bag of rice flour on the shelf of a wholesale, restaurant quantity food store in Charlotte, […]