Bust that SUGAR!

sugar bust

I recently have been thinking a lot about my own sugar consumption.  I, like most, eat too much of the sweet stuff.  I made a rule for myself many years ago, almost 18 to be specific.  The rule was, I had to wait to consume sugar until after lunch, otherwise sugar is the only thing […]


Poison is sweet


There is a lot of debate as to whether phenylalaline is a safe amino acid.  In fact, many people avoid diet soda and other sugar free drinks because they contain phenylalaline.  Those of you who are avoiding phenylalaline althogether, you had better add a long list of proteins and other foods to your do not […]


Moooove Over

Kunz Cows

As a kid, I didn’t really like milk.  I don’t know if it was because my stomach felt queasy after I drank it or if it was because our milk cow, Bossy, had feasted in the stinging nettle weeds and it gave it a funny taste.  My parents drank milk and encouraged us kids to […]


The Best Exercise

2011-02-24 10.07.07

As a fitness professional for over 18 years,  I am constantly being asked, “What is the best exercise for __________? (Fill in the blank) Some ask how to get rid of their love handles, their double chin and their over-sized rear end, (I have no idea why they are asking me-mine is booty-full) and thighs. […]


Band aid #1

Band aids

    What is the purpose of a band aid?  It depends on who you ask really.   If you ask a 3-year old girl who got her finger mashed by one of her brother’s Monster Cars, “it’s to lessen the pain of her boo-boo.”  If you ask your 9-year old son, it’s to stop […]