Hashimotos Birthday

It’s hard to admit that last year at this time I was in the best shape of my life and it has taken such a turn this year.  TBH I think I over did it last year.  I think moderation is going to be key for me.  Which I know I have a hard time […]


Hashimotos Southern Style

Moving to the south and living in an area with hills has killed my mile time!  I’ve been having a harder time finding the foods I’m used to to snack on because the stores are different from what I’m used to .  I miss Winco!! AND THE STORES HERE ARE MORE EXPENSIVE! I’ve been invited […]


Metabolism & Menopause

menopause sign

You’ve reached that ‘magical’ (HA!) time in your life either naturally or surgically when you don’t have to worry about your monthly friend showing up unannounced or expected, either way-you thought she was annoying and she inevitably ruined your plans and now you have her out of your life forever…..Yes! Until you start to realize […]


Hashimotos-Slow Recovery

I spent the summer with my parents and literally played more than I did when I was in high school!  I played on a softball league and I hiked and biked and tried to run, by my energy levels have been sapped.  I slept in and went to bed whenever I wanted.  I relaxed while […]


High on a Mountain Top

2009 Table Rock

I love to hike, but living at 60 feet above sea level in California for the last 12 years has turned me into a wimp when it comes to cardiovascular capacity.  I was born and raised in a community where the elevation was higher than the population at 6,200 feet and the first time I […]