Healthy Immune System Aids in My Weight Loss

kronuit and belage

Many of you know that I have an autoimmune condition.  It attacks my thyroid.  I don’t have a thyroid problem, I have an immune system problem.  My goal over the last two years has been to A) Shut off the autoimmune system response B) Return to good health C) Lose unwanted body fat-not just weight. […]


Hashimotos after the BIG cheating

So I was super bad between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I ate homemade rolls and pie and cookies and homemade bread.  At first I didn’t feel anything.  My system was pretty strong.  But after a month of ingesting gluten (and dairy) off and on I REALLY started to feel it.  My back and neck started to […]


Hashimotos-Blood Test Results

I went to the doctor last week so I could get my thyroid levels checked one more time before the new year.  I also spoke to my old DC in CA that was treating me with supplements etc.  I wanted her to check my hormone panels so she sent me out a saliva kit and […]


Hashimotos Break Through!!


I am a realist, okay sometimes a pessimist.  I try not to be but I jump to conclusions and assume the worst.  I have anxiety and when I eat my trigger foods it’s really bad and I don’t mean to, but I turn into a control freak.  It’s like I have this nervous energy and […]


Hashimotos Birthday

It’s hard to admit that last year at this time I was in the best shape of my life and it has taken such a turn this year.  TBH I think I over did it last year.  I think moderation is going to be key for me.  Which I know I have a hard time […]