Adoption Final Story-The Missing Link

family 2003-2

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Have you ever felt that someone from your family was missing?  It wasn’t just the fact that I had always wanted a son, but I felt like one of our family members was absent.  After this family picture was taken, I said to John, “Look! That spot is […]


What Motivates YOU?

Half Dome 2nd Time Up

As a child I was motivated to get good grades to make my parent’s happy.  As a teenager, I was motivated to practice sports so I would increase my talents and get more playing time.  As an adult, I’m motivated to go to bed early so I can function the next day! I’ve seen amazing […]


SCHtuff Happens!

Schiess Happens!

Schiess is my maiden name.  It’s roots are Swiss-German and my last name is rarely pronounced correctly.  Just pretend there are two E’s  and no ‘I’, then you will have it.  My dad comes from a large family.  He is the 5th and his identical twin brother is 6th of 7 children. Since my Grandpa […]


In the eye of the beholder

Miller's Pond

Is Body Image Your Barbed Wire? I took this picture while staying with my parents in Idaho.  This place holds fond memories for me.  I wasn’t related to the family that lived here but my parents and siblings and I referred to the owners as “Aunt and Uncle.”  We frequented the homestead to trick-or treat, get […]