Perspective is Everything-Placing a child for adoption


No two people are alike-even twins.  My dad and his twin brother are identical.  When I was growing up, my dad and his brother farmed together and often my uncle was at our place, working on machinery or fixing a flat tire.  From a distance it was very difficult to tell them apart from one […]


Our Open Window/infertility and adoption part 3

Kalle hospital photo

  [Audio clip: view full post to listen] DISCLAIMER:  For those of you are are offended easily, you may not want to read this excerpt of the story. “Within this agency, our client base is largely teenage girls, with a few young adult women.  You need to put a portfolio together of you and your […]


Connecting the Dots- infertility and adoption part 2

seven dwarves of menopause

There were signs of menopause for years that I didn’t recognize.  After a very stressful senior year in high school I began to skip periods and had episodes where I would get extremely flushed-I thought it was embarrassment.  I actually thought I was in situations where I was uncomfortable enough to start to overheat.  Those […]


When The Answer Is No-infertility and adoption part 1


  [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Monday September 8, 1997 will be a day I won’t forget.  It was the day my OBGYN told me I would most likely never bear another child.  At first I was confused.  I got pregnant so quickly with our first child.  Nine months and three days after […]



wedding bands

  The honeymoon is over, you’ve settled in to your new life as a married person and now you are realizing that this person is driving you crazy, you had less in common than you thought, your parenting styles differ and your spouse has annoying habits. How do you decide to make it work or […]