The Sound of Charity

silence of Love

Many people consider charity to be a monetary donation;  associated with the plinking sound of loose change as it hits the bottom of a red bucket, or the pan-handler’s cup.  What if charity made no sound, but was found to be so loud, that it invoked change, not only within ourselves, but within others too. In an effort to […]


Adoption Final Story-The Missing Link

family 2003-2

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Have you ever felt that someone from your family was missing?  It wasn’t just the fact that I had always wanted a son, but I felt like one of our family members was absent.  After this family picture was taken, I said to John, “Look! That spot is […]


Understanding the Adoptee-Consider These…….


  Before our first child was born, I read a lot of books on parenting.  I read what to expect when the child was a baby, when they were two and so on and so forth.  I don’t know who writes all those books I read, but they apparently didn’t parent a child like the […]


And one more makes three-Adoption part 4


In 2001 we  moved to a smallish town in Central Northern California for my husband’s job but we knew that another reason we were there was to add to our family.  We couldn’t go through the same agency again as we had for our last child, because of their policy, if you already had 2 […]


Our Journey to our Forever Family


Our Journey to our forever family. We were married in 2001. We decided after a couple of months we had no reason to prolong having a family. I never went on birth control so we just went with it.  I like most women,  who was doing nothing to prevent getting pregnant, waited anxiously  each month […]