Bust that SUGAR!

sugar bust

I recently have been thinking a lot about my own sugar consumption.  I, like most, eat too much of the sweet stuff.  I made a rule for myself many years ago, almost 18 to be specific.  The rule was, I had to wait to consume sugar until after lunch, otherwise sugar is the only thing I wanted to eat all day long.  I came to making this rule for myself because I often found myself swiping a taste of frosting from the beaters if I made a birthday cake for one of my kids… 8 a.m. and I also found myself snitching a piece of Halloween candy the morning after trick-or-treating…..and the morning after that, etc… until all of the Almond Joys or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups were gone.

I will admit I have broken my rule a few times….Christmas and Thanksgiving were no brainers.  I love pie for breakfast.  But for the most part I’ve been pretty good, until recently.

It has come to my attention that I. Crave. Sugar.  Almost like I thirst for water.  I can’t stop with just one GF brownie.  Or a small bowl of caramel corn.  NO-I want to eat it until it’s gone!  I gave up soda pop in January to support my sister who also gave it up, not for lent, but for weight 🙂 I thought if I gave up my one or 2 sodas a week I would not crave it anymore.  It’s February 10th and I STILL WANT  a soda!

IF I let my blood sugar get too low, I WILL eat anything sweet.  I have also realized that I have substituted sugar for my treat, since I can’t eat glutenous cookies and cake or brownies.  I’ve also substituted sugar for dairy, because I can’t eat that either.

I watched a video that I’m about to post and it hit me.  This is how I feel!  I know I’m not alone in this thinking.  I’ve already had others share with me that they are in the same boat.  We have to find the strength to overcome sugar.  It’s as addictive as alcohol and cocaine, both of which I’ve never tried, but science doesn’t lie.  While being stranded in the Denver airport for 7 hours, I had dinner with someone who shared with me, her story of overcoming alcoholism and sugar addition. “They are one in the same” She told me.  She has given up both…..AND GLUTEN …….AND DAIRY……That’s a lot of sacrifices.  If Ellen can do it, so can I!

Here’s the clip.  It’s long.  Make the time to watch it. You might have a revelation.

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