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Band aids



What is the purpose of a band aid?  It depends on who you ask really.   If you ask a 3-year old girl who got her finger mashed by one of her brother’s Monster Cars, “it’s to lessen the pain of her boo-boo.”  If you ask your 9-year old son, it’s to stop the bleeding of a knee that has been skinned from crashing on a bike, while daring the neighbor kids. But my 11-year old daughter has also wanted a band aid to cover her scraggly hang nail that she pulled off, not bleeding, just pulsating with pain.

Basically, a band aid is administered to cover something up.

One of my good friend collects band aids.  I don’t know exactly how she got started but she has albums of them.  Most people when they collect something, they hoard it and don’t want to share with others.  She is the opposite.  Once when my daughter was in the hospital, Lorie came to the house and dropped off  a ‘supply’.  Other times Lorie has reached into her own stash and snagged a few to cheer up a friend or to stop a bleeding wound of her own children.  I don’t even know if she supplies ugly, plain band aids like I do!

Personally, I’ve never liked using band aids (but I love Lorie’s fun ones).  I can’t get them to adhere to my skin, especially my hands.  I’m constantly washing them, digging in the dirt or doing some sort of activity which causes a band aid to fall limply to the floor.  To be honest I don’t believe in band aids. Not in the sense that if someone is bleeding and actually needs one-but if its a little dot of blood or no blood at all just some acute pain, I send my kids on their way. I’m stingy with band aids.

There is another kind of band aid that I dislike worse than the kind needed for injuries.  They fall in to several categories, which I will cover in a series.   The first band aid I encourage you to avoid is the kind we sip, gulp  and gag down .

We get a headache, what do we do…………………………………..?  Seriously?  Do we make a detour to the closest “Twin Tailed Mermaid” shop?  Or do we stop and think, “How much water have I drank today and yesterday?”  or “When was the last time I had something to eat?”  what about, “How much sleep did I get last night?”  Our bodies respond with pain and discomfort for a reason.  Something is WRONG!! I encourage you to NOT put a band aid on after the first sign of discomfort.

Caffeine is a drug.  A cheap, addictive drug. It is found in over the counter (OTC) medication and in beverages.   Can you count the number of popular chain coffee shops on more than one hand within a 5-square mile radius?  I can. What about popular energy drinks?  It is amazing to me how many adolescents are drinking these today.  They have no idea the havoc they are wreaking on their bodies.  Caffeine is a stimulant that activates the CNS, (Central Nervous System) muscles and heart and  the centers that control your blood pressure. I know people who consume several caffeinated beverages a day and are on blood pressure medication.  Seriously -_-  ???  Caffeine is a diuretic.  Which means your urine output will be initially greater which in turn can cause you to be dehydrated and slow down urine production. By design, our bodies are made up of about 75% water.  Proper hydration is needed for the organs and muscles to function optimally.   Signs of dehydration include:

Dry Mouth*Muscle Cramping*Lack of urination*heart palpitations*light headedness or head aches*weakness*nausea *constipation*lack of sweating*thirst

More later on weight loss and HYDRATION…….

What can you do if you are addicted to caffeine?  Some people go cold turkey.  It’s challenging, but it can be done.  If you want to slowly wean off the caffeine, start by cutting your consumption in half for one week and replace your caffeinated beverage with water.  Week two, cut it in half again and again replace with water.  By week three you should be able to have your cravings under control.  NOW to re-program your HABIT of driving through that favored stop on the way to work…….that’s for another post!!  Good Luck-I believe in you!


Chelle 🙂



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