Are you Accountable?

The high mountain air is brisk at 53 degrees.  I can’t tell if the tall grass off the trail is covered with droplets of dew or the aftermath of a brief thundershower from the night before. Three sets of two and one set of 4 climb and descend several hills, two friends that I’ve known since kindergarten, myself and one chocolate lab.  It’s been years since all three of us girls have “worked out” together…..over 22 to be exact since we were playing basketball on the same court, but we aren’t just catching up, we are there to get our exercise!

hiking HendersonStudies have shown that people are more successful at achieving their fitness and/or weight loss goals if they have a buddy or support system. It’s all about accountability. A rare breed of us can exercise on our own (I know we are sadistic) but most need someone to report to, which I’ve been grateful has kept me employed for almost two decades.  Here are 5  important points to consider when setting goals…..

  1. Be specific.  What is it you want to accomplish-it can’t be generalized “I want to lose weight.” How much weight do you want to lose?  Do you want to be able to run a mile or participate in a 5K (3.1 miles) Do you want to be able to play softball again or go on a field trip with your kids? 
  2. Give yourself a realistic time frame.  Do not expect to lose 4 to 5 lbs a week.  It took longer than a couple months putting the weight on, give yourself time to take it off.  It is realistic to lose 1-2 lbs a week while eating a healthy diet. Don’t forget that the scale is NOT the only tool to measure progress.
  3. Recruit family and friends to be part of your goal.  Text each other, email or call and report weekly on progress and failures-yes everyone slips but it’s better to have someone there to help pull you up!
  4. Record what you eat  and how much you exercise in a food journal or app for your smart phone.  Look for my upcoming post covering losing weight with eating low glycemic foods, titled “Not Seeing Results?”
  5. Hire a competent professional that will help you with your goals, not some blanket program that everyone else is doing and has lost a ton of weight with.  It’s called Personal Training for a reason!

Don’t wait for January 1st to set your fitness goals.  Every day is a new day.  Monday’s are NOT the required start day!  Make your exercise enjoyable and be remember to be fit for your life!


Chelle 🙂


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