About Well With Chelle

Welcome to my site!

What's your mountain?

What is your mountain that you are trying to overcome right now?  Is it your relationship with someone you love?  Is it a bad habit?  Is it your body image? My blog is about overcoming personal weakness and moving forward not from where we were, but from where we are.

A great deal of this site is about overcoming physical weakness and taking charge over our body and not letting the body take charge of us.  I’ve had a few tests of my own personal will,  with all of the above mountains I mentioned and my long-term mountain seems to be my physical health.

I use to believe that if I exercised enough, and ate the ‘right’ kinds of foods, I would not be:  A) overweight  or B) plagued by lifestyle diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol etc…) However, life decided to throw me a curve ball.  And I had two choices, take a pill that the doctors prescribed to me and continue to live with side effects and not get to the root of my problem or keep on plugging to find real answers.  Choice number two took me over 16 years….as my old high school basketball coach would say, “That is tenacity!” I still don’t have all of the pieces of the puzzle, but I’m getting them as I’m willing to do something about them.

So it is with every mountain in our life.  We only face them when we are ready.

Shall we begin?

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